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Safety Training - Health & Safety Policy

It is good practise for any business to have a Health and Safety Policy, however the Law state that you only need a written Health and safety Policy if you have 5 or more employees. This magic number includes you and any other Directors including part time employees. It is also a misconception that if you are not a Registered Company at Companies house then you will not have Directors, again this is wrong its the magic number of 5 that counts.

I will do a site visit, take notes, even pictures if necessary. Discuss and check out what your services are and create a policy statement for you.

There are several ways that it can be handled:

  1. A one off project
  2. Created and a yearly review
  3. Created and monitored on a quarterly basis or if required on a monthly basis


Whatever you choose it is for you to decide. I will help and advise.

Costs will vary depending on what your requirements are.